Brian's research interests primarily reside in the areas of anomaly detection and various types of security assessments. Past and current graduate students and their research projects and undergraduate design projects are listed below.

Current Graduate Students

  • Patrick Cousineau - Vulnerability Discovery with Grammar-Based Fuzzing
  • Rachael Machnee - Research focus TBD
  • Derek Klaver - Part-time, research focus TBD
  • Emilie Coote - IPMS Host-Based Anomaly Detection
  • Datokah Soucy - MIL-STD-1553 Anomaly Detection
  • Stephane Gagnon - Enterprise Host-Based Anomaly Detection
  • Eddie O'Handley - ARINC 429 Security Assessment
  • Taylor Perkins (co-supervision with Dr. Leblanc) - IPMS Network Anomaly Detection
  • Clint Legg (co-supervision with Dr. Roberge) - Security Assessment of the NWS FMS
  • Alec Harlow (co-supervision with Dr. Roberge) - Intrusion Detection on Airborne Platform Networks
  • Jon Machnee (co-supervision with Dr. Roberge) - Part-time, Context Aware Pre-Compilation Anti-Digital Forensics and Incident Response Insertion Framework
  • Sebastien Genereux (co-supervision with Dr. Roberge) - Part-time, research focus TBD
  • Joey Lord (co-supervision with Dr. Knight) - Defensive Cybersecurity Trainer for the Integrated Platform Management System

Past Graduate Students

  • 2020, Jon Timmins (co-supervision with Dr. Knight) - Offensive Cybersecurity Trainer for the Integrated Platform Management System

4th Year Design Projects

  • 2020 - Bill Lai and Han Na Baik, Custom ELK Stack for Anomaly Detection leveraging Suricata and Zeek
  • 2019 (co-supervision with Dr. Leblanc) - Cody Carter, Ryan Tsui and Connor Weeks, Instrusion Detecton System for NISRN